Stock Market Training Ireland

Stock Market Training provides you with a powerful investment in your own knowledge allowing you to make successful investments for life.

Have you ever been disappointed by the advice of a broker?

Have you ever wondered how some people can always seem to make the right investment choices?

It is not as much down to luck or chance as you think and the right knowledge can be a powerful tool to help you make successful investment decisions.

Whether you choose to invest in the stock market to generate immediate income or as part of a pension strategy, armed with this knowledge, you will be able to save on the cost of advice and your transaction costs.

You will no longer need to depend on or trust any broker’s advice or tips in the future. The stock market training that you will receive will give you more knowledge than many of the brokers who charge exorbitant fees for their advice. You will also be sure that the person making the investment, namely yourself, does not have any financial interest in the decision.

Investing in the stock market can be a daunting challenge particularly for those that have dabbled in the past.

The main aims of this training program are as follows:

  • to gain an understanding of how the stock market works
  • to buy shares using online brokerages and reduce transaction costs
  • to understand how to buy quality shares which will limit your exposure to risk
  • to understand the factors that affect share price
  • to gain an understanding of market and share price patterns to allow you to predict the optimum time
  • to buy and sell
  • to gain an understanding of financial derivatives like “options”
  • to understand how to utilse options to protect your investments
  • to understand how options can allow you to collect a monthly rent from your shareholdings.

The program is structured in such a way as to maximise the safety of any capital that you invest while giving you significant opportunities to generate cash returns. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Following the first course you will be encouraged to set up a simulated trading account to apply the fundamental principles in a safe environment. This will allow you to build up the confidence you require for when you begin trading with real money.
  • As the program takes a mentored approach to learning you will have access to seasoned investors to help to validate your analysis and to provide suggestions about possible investment strategies.
  • We don’t aim to give you an instant magic understanding of the markets, but we will allow you to build this knowledge and practice over a period of 10 months to ensure that you really have grasped the fundamentals.

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