The Stock Market Training program runs for eight months with the focus being on acquiring knowledge, practicing and then playing for real. Our mentored approach helps you

  • to acquire knowledge at the right pace
  • to practice what you have been taught before trading with real money
  • to participate in 1 to 1 and group coaching sessions, to ensure that you have a real understanding of the principles
  • to allow you to understand the impact of the different trading strategies and which ones will work best for you
  • The mentored approach acts as a safeguard against believing that you know everything having attended a day long or weekend training seminar – this knoweldge needs to be cemented with experience to ensure that you make the right decisions.

The monthly coaching sessions also give you a focus to set targets for your learning.

SSMI Weekend Training Course – The Basics

The program starts with a weekend seminar which assumes that people have little or no knowledge of the stock market and trading. This will cover basics such as:

  • an understanding of quality shares and how to find them
  • basic understanding of online brokerages
  • simulated trading
  • basic technical analysis
  • basic understanding of achieving rental income from your share portfolio

Armed with this knowledge you will have some understanding of a successful investing strategy, but for your own financial safety we would recommend the mentored approach which will also explore a number of alternative investment strategies.

Weekly Harvest Investor Webinars

Our weekly live webinars conducted every Tuesday night from 8pm-9pm (GMT or BST depending on the time of year) will help to cement all of the learnings from the SSMI weekend program. You will also be able to discuss your trading strategies/positions with the team of seasoned mentors to check out your own thinking and keep you from making big mistakes.

The sessions will consist of a review of the past week for the 50 Stock Market Training selected shares in terms of news and technical analysis i.e. review of the charts. This will allow you to see what the market is doing and more importantly as a novice to see how other more seasoned investors see it.

The weekly webinars are an invaluable part of this program and will help you to improve your trading performance in a safe environment.

Learn more about the Safe Stock Market Investor Program here.

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