Our Trainers

Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch is a qualified accountant and has served in senior management roles within multinational companies prior to starting his own laundry business in 1998. He holds an MBA from the Open University. Since then he has spent a significant amount of time learning to invest in the Stock Market and being a successful investor.

Building, growing and selling businesses can be very profitable but can be risky. Pat started a specialised laundry in Cork in 1998 after he was made redundant as a result of the closure of Seagate in Clonmel. He subsequently sold the laundry in 2001. He then invested some of the proceeds into high potential start up companies requiring seed funding. “I usually look at the individual as well as the business they are in. It is important that we can work together” I usually take a seat on the board and provide some management advice.

Robbie Hughes

Robbie Hughes has been building his own investments since 2004. Robbie believes that the knowledge and ability to independently analyse a company for investment purposes is fundamental to success in the stock market.

He is extremely disciplined and thorough in his approach to company analysis. Having identified opportunities he then takes advantage of trading these opportunities in a consistent and regular way by developing and implementing trading routines that suit both his personality and life style.

Robbie is a firm believer in encouraging clients to develop independence in thought and actions in order to succeed in the stock market.

Roisin McBride

Roisin McBride started investing in shares at the tender age of 15. She was an accomplished trader even before she went to College. Roisin graduated with a first class Honours Degree in Finance and Investments in 2007 and has just completed her Msc Finance from Queens University.

She spent 6 months as assistant to Dr. J. the famous investor and analyst in the US this furthered her understanding of what it takes to be successful in shares and options. Roisin is passionate about teaching women to invest and operates the “Self Investing Ladies” program and is always glad to expand the membership.

Roisin’s trading style is very disciplined and effective. She has an uncanny way of making the Stock Market easy to understand for her followers and delights in their success stories. Today she invests successfully in shares and options for the long-term as well as day-trading where short-term profits present themselves. She also teaches these strategies as well as coaching investors on how best to apply this education in order to generate an income with minimal risk.


As trainers in the Stock Market we believe that everyone should have written goals which are achievable, realistic and measurable. If your wealth is the same today as it was 5 years ago there is a good chance it will also be similar in 5 years time.

A good way to learn how to create wealth is to read “Rich Dad Poor Dad – Retire Rich Retire Young”. Alternatively join a share club with some friends or collegues and learn how to trade the stock market in a safe environment. Pat gives talks to schools, colleges and MBA students on how to create wealth.

To avail of his free talk contact him at Patlynch@stockmarkettraining.ie