Yesterday’s training was yet again a powerful experience and I very much appreciate your efforts to transfer the knowledge within your head. I am getting a great buzz from the whole thing and I listen to you I realise how little I know and how much I have to learn. The presentations and content are nothing short of superb – and I mean that.

Michael, Cork

I thought that I understood the Stock Market from having taken an MBA, until I took this course. However, working without charts and a fundamentally sound understanding of the stocks is like shooting in the dark when investing. I would now never make a share purchase decision without first consulting the charts.

Vincent, Cork

Pat has learned by experience, and can show you how to protect your investment and make steady, market-beating returns.

Karl, Dublin

I really enjoyed the course and would like to learn more.

Amar Singh, Introductory Seminar, Cork

Really happy with the course. Feel much more prepared for future events.

David King, Introductory Seminar, Cork